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Top 5 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Home


Have you outgrown your home? Are you ready to upgrade the look and feel of your house to accommodate your new needs or tastes? Home improvements and renovations can be a great way to get this done. However, to avoid wasting too much time or money, it is best to have a plan in place. From choosing the right designs to finding a reputable construction crew to get the job done, everything requires research and planning to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.

1.  Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro
There are so many how to guides and tutorial videos out there that everyone thinks they can do everything themselves. While small home improvement projects like painting can be done on your own, when it comes to major overhauls like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, it is beneficial to hire a professional contracting company for the job. Sure, it might seem economical to do it yourself, but without the necessary equipment and training, homeowners can do more harm than good.
Hiring Tip: An ideal contractor or construction company will not only have the necessary licensing to complete home renovations, they will be efficient in communicating changes and keeping their team (and customers) in the loop with tools such as a managing construction punch list, which keeps everyone up to date on the project, budget, and changes.

2.  Define Project Goals
Without a clearly defined goal you can really get overwhelmed with a home renovation project. That’s why it is ideal for you to have a clear understanding of what your goals are. For example, are you looking to renovate your kitchen because you just want a change of color, or are you looking to improve your kitchen because you want it to be more efficient? This allows you to stay on target and also makes it easier for your chosen construction company or contractor to stay on the same page.

3.  Space
Another thing to keep in mind when renovating your home is the space. Sometimes less can certainly be more. When you live in homes such as townhouses or condos, space is often limited. Keep this in mind as you begin to select the ideal appliances, furniture, and accessories to complete the project. There are plenty of space saving ideas that you can look into that will add style while preventing the cramped feeling that some design choices can have.

4.  Function
When choosing features for your newly renovated home be sure to consider function. While some design choices might seem aesthetically appealing, if you don’t have any use for them, or they serve you no real purpose, then it was a waste of time. When shopping for furniture or appliances to complete your renovation project, keep function in mind. Ask yourself questions such as: What will this piece do for you? Does it serve a purpose or is it just for decoration? How will it improve your current living space?

5.  Resale Value
Lastly, as you begin looking into ideas for renovation, consider the resale value of your property. Even if you have no plans of moving in the next few years, your home is an investment. As such, you should consider renovations that will improve your home’s value as much as possible. For example, the right kitchen or bathroom renovations could increase the value of your home by as much as 1,000,000 naira.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you begin planning for your next home renovation project. Hiring a professional, defining your goals, and selecting upgrades based on the amount of space you have, their function, and resale value will surely improve your return of investment in the future. There’s nothing wrong with creating a space that you enjoy coming home to every day, it’s just a matter of being thorough from beginning to end.

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How Blinds Have Moved With Time (And Overtaken Curtains)


We often associate industrial advancements in fields such as IT, or anything else that relies on technology. However, even a market that appears to house “static” products like blinds is affected – and there have been many advancements that have caused considerable progression within this industry over the last few years.
While we don’t have any stats on hand, the fact that more and more homes are turning to blinds, as opposed to the traditional curtain solution, suggests that these advancements have been worthwhile.
To highlight just how blinds have progressed, we’ve put together some of the key developments that manufacturers have made over the years.

Advancement #1 – Top-Down Blinds
For years we only knew blinds that were pulled from the top – but over recent times manufacturers have devised more creative inventions. It’s now possible to find top-down solutions which can be operated from both the base and the top of the blind, meaning that you can allow light into the room from different angles.
Particularly if you reside in a property where a lack of privacy can be a problem, this advancement is ingenious. It can allow you to mask visibility in the lower portion of the window, whilst still allowing light to flow through the upper part. It’s yet another example of blinds being utterly flexible and we’d bet that this is only going to continue to improve – considering all of the other ways in which blinds have become so much more flexible than curtains.

Advancement #2 – Cordless Blinds
Amongst all of the advancements, one of the major talking points within the blinds industry has been safety. There have been a lot of fatalities surrounding children over the years, due to the strangulation risks that blind cords present.
In response to this, many manufacturers have released cordless blinds. As the name suggests, these are products which cords are not visible or within reach. It means that they are considerably safer and if you do live with children, this is arguably one of the most impressive advancements that the market has made.

Advancement #3 – The Motorized Option
We’ll save the biggest advancement until last and finally, blinds have started to use electricity. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise and when we look back on the history of the industry, it’s actually been happening for a few years.
This isn’t some sort of solution for the lazy homeowner either, although we’re sure that a lot of people will take advantage of this just so that they can invite and shut out that elusive natural light at the touch of a button. Most of the time these motorized options are used in those places where it’s just impossible to access. Once upon a time they may have been operated via a long rod, but now the motor is here to save the day. If you have any rooflights, or just windows that are out of reach, this development in the industry will be a godsend.

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Top 5 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Home


Have you outgrown your home? Are you ready to upgrade the look and feel of your house to accommodate your new needs or tastes? Home improvements and renovations can be a great way to get this done. However, to avoid wasting too much time or money, it is best to have a plan in place. From choosing the right designs to finding a reputable construction crew to get the job done, everything requires research and planning to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.

1.  Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro
There are so many how to guides and tutorial videos out there that everyone thinks they can do everything themselves. While small home improvement projects like painting can be done on your own, when it comes to major overhauls like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, it is beneficial to hire a professional contracting company for the job. Sure, it might seem economical to do it yourself, but without the necessary equipment and training, homeowners can do more harm than good.
Hiring Tip: An ideal contractor or construction company will not only have the necessary licensing to complete home renovations, they will be efficient in communicating changes and keeping their team (and customers) in the loop with tools such as a managing construction punch list, which keeps everyone up to date on the project, budget, and changes.

2.  Define Project Goals
Without a clearly defined goal you can really get overwhelmed with a home renovation project. That’s why it is ideal for you to have a clear understanding of what your goals are. For example, are you looking to renovate your kitchen because you just want a change of color, or are you looking to improve your kitchen because you want it to be more efficient? This allows you to stay on target and also makes it easier for your chosen construction company or contractor to stay on the same page.

3.  Space
Another thing to keep in mind when renovating your home is the space. Sometimes less can certainly be more. When you live in homes such as townhouses or condos, space is often limited. Keep this in mind as you begin to select the ideal appliances, furniture, and accessories to complete the project. There are plenty of space saving ideas that you can look into that will add style while preventing the cramped feeling that some design choices can have.

4.  Function
When choosing features for your newly renovated home be sure to consider function. While some design choices might seem aesthetically appealing, if you don’t have any use for them, or they serve you no real purpose, then it was a waste of time. When shopping for furniture or appliances to complete your renovation project, keep function in mind. Ask yourself questions such as: What will this piece do for you? Does it serve a purpose or is it just for decoration? How will it improve your current living space?

5.  Resale Value
Lastly, as you begin looking into ideas for renovation, consider the resale value of your property. Even if you have no plans of moving in the next few years, your home is an investment. As such, you should consider renovations that will improve your home’s value as much as possible. For example, the right kitchen or bathroom renovations could increase the value of your home by as much as 1,000,000 naira.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you begin planning for your next home renovation project. Hiring a professional, defining your goals, and selecting upgrades based on the amount of space you have, their function, and resale value will surely improve your return of investment in the future. There’s nothing wrong with creating a space that you enjoy coming home to every day, it’s just a matter of being thorough from beginning to end.

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5 Ideas To Steal From A Beautiful Australian Kitchen


What is it about Australian interiors? Why are they always so, so great? While a kitchen exactly like this might not currently be financially realistic for most of us, that doesn’t mean you can’t steal a few ideas for your right-now kitchen remodel.


1. High contrast
One of the things that makes this kitchen so striking is the contrast between the black and white elements. White cabinets paired with a black countertop, the black backsplash behind the stove, and black fixtures give the kitchen a strong presence and help define the kitchen in an open space.

2. A (really really) open concept
I love the way this kitchen opens itself up to the living room. It’s essentially a galley kitchen where one entire half of the kitchen is a floating island, allowing for maximum interaction between people in the kitchen and the adjoining living area.


3. The super thick counter-top edge details
The countertop on the ‘island’ features a super-thick edge detail, which is a great way to make your countertop seem more substantial and give it a little more visual weight.

4. Drawers
Look closely and you’ll see that about half of the lower cabinets here have drawers instead of doors. Drawers can make items in storage much easier to get to, since you don’t have to reach into a cabinet — and they’re especially great to have in a kitchen like the one which doesn’t have a lot of upper cabinets.

5. That pantry
It’s both beautiful and kind of a genius solution — instead of hiding the pantry away, this kitchen makes it the focal point. All the things that you would typically store on open shelving are right there within reach when the doors are opened, but when you’re done in the kitchen, you can close the doors to keep dust and grime off your dishes. And below, more drawers. You can never have enough drawers.

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The Importance Of Good Office Design


With the cost of payroll and attracting and retaining the best staff good office design and a really well designed and fitted out office have never been so important.

Quite simply, good office design can make the difference between the success of your company. The World’s leading businesses all understand this and spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring their offices are designed and fitted out in such a way as to totally support and enhance their company.

The best approach to developing good office design and a solution that is appropriate to your business, brand and  budget requires careful consideration and expert advice from a qualified and experienced office designer.

There is no reason why a well designed office should cost any more than a poorly designed office and the upsides will certainly be considerably higher.

Initially, the best course of action is to try to establish the budget you have for your office design and fit-out as early in the process as possible. This will then enable your office design professional to create an office design proposal that is in line with your budget and other aspirations. A good office designer will be able to discuss your initial ideas and requirements and provide a high level budget very quickly.

Martin Reeves, Head of Office Design at Maris Interiors says “Good office design combines both science and emotion – it is vital to balance both. A well designed office will communicate your brand identity and help attract and retain the best staff and can also significantly reduce your real estate costs”.

Good office design can solve a multitude of problems and can transform a tired office environment into a rejuvenated and inspirational one. If the approach is taken seriously by both client and the office designer the results can be truly magnificent resulting in increased morale and far better levels of operational efficiency.

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Useful Design Ideas To Organise Your Bedroom Wardrobe Closet

You want a space where you can find everything you need starting from belts, shirts, pants, suits and shoes, but you don’t have any ideas how could you organize your clothes? In these amazing photos you can get inspiration from many interior design ideas of closet organization.

Every piece of furniture has its place in the house but the bedroom wardrobe is different from other because it allows you to find everything you want as soon as possible. The socks drawer will thank you, happy to have escaped the neighbors pants.








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From Kitchen to Dream Home: 5 Must Have Amenities


From cooking to relaxing, dining to entertaining, the kitchen reigns in the home. When remodeling your culinary space, the preliminary step is to set your budget. Then move on to these five easy design tips to create your dream kitchen:

Plan: One priority is proper space planning according to your individual needs, so consider the shape and layout. Do you prefer a center island with wraparound counters or a U-shape with peninsula? Do you have space for a separate eat-in area or thinking a built-in bench? Windows and doors are also vital elements that need to be worked into the plan.

Colors & Finishes: This is where you will live day-in and day-out, from morning to night–and sometimes in the middle of the night! The color should be something you will enjoy and not tire of in the near future. Naturally, paint transforms any room and can be changed frequently, though cabinetry and countertops will remain, so choose finishes that are functional while providing a timeless appeal.

Safety: Not so glamorous but definitely important is kitchen safety. Our friend at http://www.sdfirealarms.co.uk recommend to use a fire alarm and smoke detectors. Next up you’ll want to have a fire extinguisher and make sure it’s easily accessible!

Appliances: Many cooks dream of an amazing range such as an industrial-grade, six-burner model. This, as well as a full-volume wardrobe refrigerator and freezer, come in as top desires. Double dishwashers and under-the-counter wine refrigerators are also quite popular and can procure effortless entertaining.

Storage: What may seem like a dull concept is actually one which kitchen dwellers become smitten with: plentiful, smart storage. Favorites are retractable, workstation shelves for hiding large appliances such as mixers and waffle makers. Other top sellers are drawers with slide-out bins for cooking utensils, corner drawers to maximize space and rolling butcher-block stations which can be tucked underneath the counter.

In just five easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a dreamy, not to mention, enviable kitchen space!

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Makeover Your Home With Granite Worktops from Utopia


New Year is the perfect time to breathe new life into your bathroom and the design team behind the brand Utopia have an exclusive line of bathroom worktops to enhance every home. Worktops can make or break your bathroom so this is naturally where a big part of your makeover budget should be spent. This is not an area to be scrimped on as low quality worktops will not be as aesthetically pleasing and may not stand up to years of daily wear and tear. Read on to find the perfect worktop to complement your bathroom suite.

Laminate Worktops

If you don’t have the cash to splash updating your bathroom worktops each year, you should choose a durable material that is built to last. This is one of the many advantages of choosing a material such as laminate. Laminate worktops are low maintenance and require little upkeep as it is resistant to most stains. This kind of  Utopia Bathroom Furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee, so, if longevity is your main concern, this is the worktop for you.

Solid Surface

If you are a perfectionist, solid surface bathroom worktops will tick all of your boxes. Utopia take pride in creating bespoke bathroom worktops for customers who want a durable product that looks stunning. Each worktop features an eight step polishing and finishing process that provides exceptional results. Solid surface worktops are available in a range of beautiful colours to complement every bathroom including graphite, oatmeal and black opal.

Geo Stone and Geo Strata

If you want to transform a traditional bathroom into a contemporary space, the Geo Stone and Geo Strata collection from Utopia is guaranteed to delight. This collection boasts a granite-like finish that adds an opulent feel to your room. Tough, practical and fabulously modern, Geo Stone and Geo Strata are the perfect type of worktops for you if bring your bathroom design into the 21st century. The Geo Strata boasts a chrome inlay for that added contemporary touch.

Granite and Marble

Wonderful worktops are often the main feature in a bathroom and for this reason they should be show-stopping.   If you want a bathroom that oozes luxury, you can’t beat granite and marble worktops. The material itself boasts naturally occurring crystals that catch the light to ensure your bathroom sparkles. Granite and marble worktops are a great choice for homeowners that want to make a style statement as every piece of granite is unique. This kind of material won’t simply make your home look stunning, it can also add value to your home making it a worthy investment.

Coveted Colours

Once you have decided on a suitable material for your bathroom suite, it is time to decide on a colour theme. With so many colours to choose from, you may have a difficult decision on your hands, but if you don’t want to update your room in a few years it is wise to opt for classic colours such as black, brown and cream.

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The Empire – Floreat, Perth, Western Australia by Residential Attitudes


Built as a spec home in the residential neighborhood of Floreat near Perth, Western Australia, The Empire by Residential Attitudes exemplifies what today’s modernist dream home can be. Maximization of natural light, flexible indoor-outdoor living zones and clean-lined design were main factors in the concept.

Instantly the varying facades strike a chord with some protruding and some recessed. With mostly white concrete, there is also dark teak cladding, full panel glass and–so fabulous–concrete screening. This installation can be appreciated from the interior stairwell which creates an exquisite visual. The flat roof and geometric cutouts add to the well-defined mid-century modern feel of this structure, as do the interior spaces.


This home caters to the multi-generational family, with a floor plan that offers two bedrooms, shared bathroom, powder room and utility room on the first level. A vast outdoor terrace is accessible directly from these rooms and features its own dining terrace with complete cooking station. A linear swimming pool is nestled behind a glazed railing so its beauty is unobstructed from any angle within the home.


Interestingly the main living area, kitchen and bedrooms were placed upstairs on the second level to create both a sense of seclusion, as well as to diffuse any noise from the street level.


Furnishings and home decor is kept to a restrained palette of taupe, beige, grey and cream with medium woods highlighting the textured fabrics–so very mid-century. Wallpaper has a dimensional 3-D pattern offset by rich herringbone wood flooring which showcases the thick shag-type rugs wonderfully. In the downstairs hallway, this herringbone pattern was replicated by concrete bricks used on the wall–simply stunning not to mention innovative design.



The top floor’s L-shaped kitchen-living-dining room wraps around an outdoor terrace and is fully open to it thanks to sets of sliding glass doors. The kitchen is situated in the core of this open living space and features a curved ceiling which mirrors the shape of the island beneath it. The dining room is set with a rectangular wood table and upholstered chairs in plaid which is so fresh to see. The pattern draws from the black mesh lighting fixture set above the table. A large picture window offers views of a green canopy of trees.


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Wood Furniture


For centuries, Wooden furniture has been a staple in the family home. Today it is still extremely popular and wood is the preferred material for many household items such as coffee and dining tables.

Wood is an extremely hard-wearing, robust material that won’t easily fall apart or sustain serious damage. Not only does wood furniture endure over time, but wood is very adaptable and can be pivitol in helping to achieve the desired style of a room, whether it be rustic or elegant, there’s a type of wood that suits your need.

Types of Wood

Hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, teak and walnut come from deciduous trees
Softwoods such as cedar and pine come from coniferous trees
Hardwood is often more expensive than softwood, but the difference in price is indicative of the difference in quality; They are generally much stronger and are therefore less likely to sustain damage, walnut and oak furniture are suited with many different finishes, creating a slick, sleek look. Teak furniture is also particularly strong and impervious to rotting.

Solid oak furniture is popular for its strength and durability. You can get oak furniture to suit any style – traditional, rustic, antique, contemporary and modern. There are also many different kinds of oak wood, from reclaimed and reproduction, to weathered and limed finishes if you want a more vintage look.

Softwood is generally more affordable and thought to be more environmentally friendly. Pine is one of the most popular softwoods, as it can be painted or varnished easily to create different styles.

Light or Dark Wood

It is usually advisable to choose a dark wood if your décor is light, and light wood if your décor is dark; this will ensure the room doesn’t look too dull or washed out and it also helps to make the item of wood furniture stand out nicely.

In summary, any kind of wood is a great choice for furniture but choose wisely; find a type and colour which suits your needs and you’ll be enjoying your wooden furniture pieces for years to come

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How to Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Whether you’re planning a dinner party or just bored with your layout and furniture, sprucing up your dining room is easier than you think. A few simple changes can do wonders to the overall atmosphere of the dining room so your family will enjoy spending time there.

Before you start overhauling the room, remember that its primary function is for eating, and that should not be affected at any cost. And while minimal is always best, it doesn’t mean that design ideas are limited. Here are a few simple tips for a fabulous dining room.

Make Your Dining Room Table Shine


If your table is looking a little scruffy, or even if you think it’s time for a change, there are numerous styles of dining tables to choose from; visit sites like Made for more ideas.

From extending tables, to wooden tops and adjustable height tables, choose a piece that will set the tone for the room. Remember that the table should be the main feature in the room, so start there and build your design outwards.

Invest in a solid but attractive table that you’ll be happy to showcase for a few years.

Soft Lighting is Your Friend


Whether you want to have your family dinners surrounded by mood light or want to hide the imperfections in your freshly baked bread, soft lighting is your friend in the dining room.

Candles and chandeliers are the most obvious ways to create soft light during dinner. The size of the dining room and dining table will dictate whether or not you get a chandelier. For instance, a grand chandelier will not be appropriate if the dining room and the table are small. Instead, you can resort to a small pendant light or a 5-light pendant depending on the size of the table.

Apart from soft lights, you should outfit the dining room with task lighting and accent lighting on the walls. All fixtures and finishes must complement the overall theme of the room.

Add a Splash of Color


You can add a pop of color just as effectively as style gurus. A bright but complementary color might be just what you need to rejuvenate and update this very social room.

A metallic blue or bright green adds a burst of color and interest to an otherwise pale room. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to include color without overpowering the room. Choose one item to carry the color in the room: Paint the chairs, add a bright rug, paint one wall, or add vibrant curtains.

Another option is the add cushions to the dining room chairs and use the bright colors in a pattern or neutral form.

Paint or wallpaper, new furniture, area rugs, and clever decorations are your ally when it comes to adding pizzazz to your dining room.

Use decorations in moderation and change them according to the season. Remember to keep it minimalistic on the dining table. Remember that an attractive dining room starts with a great dining room table- get that right and everything else should fall into place.

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The Varied Looks That Can Be Achieved With Different Wood Floor Finishes


Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring are fantastic choices for your space as they are durable, hardwearing and timeless. Having a timeless value is a huge investment when purchasing something like flooring, as it eliminates the need to replace it within a few years. And the best thing about this type of floor is that it can be changed almost as easily as your taste changes.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the things you (or a trusted professional if you don’t value your DIY skills!) can do to your wood flooring to change its appearance, with minimal hassle.


A growing trend emerging is the development of coloured wooden floors, ranging from your standard oak, to black, to any colour you can imagine, really. They are fantastic for instantly transforming any room into a unique space that perfectly matches your interior and personality. As the process is fairly simple – it literally involves painting the floor – it allows for the process to be completed again in the future, should your interior or mood change again.

Coloured oiled floors are also good as you can update high traffic areas easily, by simply painting them, rather than having to worry about replacing the whole floor. The only thing to remember when selecting oiled floors is to ensure you give them enough time to dry, a process which can take quite a long time (usually 24 hours).


The ‘chipping’ process (generally done by professionals) is perfect for making floor designs look older and therefore more traditional and classic. As a result, this means that you are able to use modern, engineered flooring in listed buildings. This is a huge plus as they can provide the durability that may be required in this type of property.

Hand scraping

Although a rather daunting-sounding process, this one also has a variety of benefits. Hand scraping the surface of the flooring using the wood’s natural contours and grains creates a truly antique looking floor, ideal for that classic wooden floor look.

As this is known to be quite a rigorous process, so it’s highly recommended that you choose a hardwearing wood, such as oak flooring with thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com, as depending on the grade you opt for, you can achieve a number of beautiful and timeless finishes.


You can also use a number of different treatments to help preserve your flooring, and to give it a refreshing makeover. Investing in a good wood protective oil will instantly improve the appearance of your floors, and will defend them against scratches and stains. This is of course particularly useful in high traffic areas, in homes with smaller children, pets or for businesses.


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Increase Your Home’s Value with Simple Staging Effects


If you are considering selling your property, or will be considering selling your property in a few years’ time; it is always a good idea to keep in mind your potential buyers when it comes to interior design and décor. A simple, well balanced living area will definitely attract more interested buyers than a home which is cluttered and over personalised. The majority of people only consider what they like when it comes to design, and forget about the general public or future potential buyers – but it’s always a good idea to play it safe. With the help of “buying home companies”, we have come up with a few design tips and ideas that will help you get the best possible price achievable when it comes to selling your home, and listed them below.

If You Don’t Have Space – Make It

Whether you live in a large country manor or a simple semi-detached property in the suburbs; everyone wants more space and less clutter. If you have the space available to you, make sure you use it to your full potential. Anything that you don’t need or aren’t using, should safely be stored away in a lock up. Good use of mirrors will help to give a bigger feel to a room, as well as clean and natural colours throughout a property.

If your property is on the small side, and you want it to appear bigger – we suggest you consider modern furniture that has multiple uses. For example, a lot of bed’s now have under bed storage. So instead of that old ottoman, towels and spare bedding can be stored under your bed. There are even beds with televisions built into them – which would also act as a unique selling point if you decided to sell with some furniture left in.

Creative Use Of Colour

Using colour to its full advantage is essential when it comes to selling your property. You can make a room feel cosier, more spacious or even more modern with the appropriate use of colour. We always suggest that if you have the time and finance available, that you hire a professional interior designer to review your property and suggest the most appropriate colours for each living space.

If funds don’t allow for this, the most simple and effective way of getting the most out of your property and increasing its likeability to potential buyers is to stick with neutral and simple colour schemes.

One more thing to always remember is that the outside of your property is just as important as the inside. Make sure your lawn is freshly cut, rubbish is tidied up and your property is in a good state of repair. First impressions count, and if you have a beautifully designed and laid out home – it will stick in a buyers mind. Following these tips will increase your property value, as will all home improvements; however if you don’t have time to do this, and need to sell quickly you could always try HighPricePaid.co.uk who offer free assistance in selling property in the UK for a cash price.

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New Arbat Apartment – Moscow, Russia by SL* PROJECT


It’s always so intriguing when a dwelling possesses one remarkable focal point. Such is the case with the New Arbat Apartment in Moscow, Russia which features a single core volume clad in sleek wood. Envisioned by SL*Project, this modern dream home flows with an open plan, designer fixtures and unexpected elements.


As virtually one single space, the apartment is bright with white walls, bleached timber flooring and large windows dressed with sheers, pouring a natural glow into all living areas. The central wooden structure, which houses an exotic black-tiled bathroom, is connected to the kitchen’s dining island where a wine refrigerator is discreetly tucked underneath. A trio of midcentury modern pendants illuminates this zone, while streamlined white cabinetry is kept to a lower level, creating the illusion of more space. An adjacent wall of storage also cleverly keeps appliances.


The dining room is cast off the culinary space with the only interruption being the exposed entrance hallway. A rectangular glass table with mod white chairs sits upon a grey-blue mixed area rug. In fact, the entire apartment is a neutral setting with muted colors contributing an elegant flair. A wall unit comprised of shelving exhibits a dimensional element, while a collection of grey-hooded pendants descends gracefully into the room. A playful mod acrylic swing is suspended from the ceiling next to a window. In the shared lounge, a dramatic linear fireplace is built into wall which appears more as an artist’s installation than anything else–love it!


A passage featuring glass-ensconced sculptures leads the way to the living room which is highlighted by a slate-grey accent wall, customized lower shelving and a large contemporary sectional sofa embracing a set of stacked marble and chrome tables. While relaxing in this comfortable place, the surprise appears–a full-on view of the spa bathroom replete with huge soaking tub sitting behind a glass partition. This peek into the sumptuous bath not only is unique, but generates the feeling of extended space.



The master bedroom receives more customized furnishings such as a floating vanity, the padded leather headboard and platform bed, as well as a full-length horizontal smoked mirror. Layers of cream and taupe, as well as a slight drop ceiling inset with soft LED lighting make this sleeping area a resplendent retreat.

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Colour is the New White


When it comes to redecorating our bathrooms, we are frequently advised to stick to plain white bathroom suites that will not date easily. While this is practical, team it with white walls and you risk having a bathroom that is bland, lifeless and sterile – hardly the atmosphere you want for one of the most important rooms in the house.

You could avoid this by using some coloured tiles into the room. While these would instantly add life to the space, making it look less like a show home, you can also find yourself faced with a hefty price tag. Plus, if one or more of the tiles becomes damaged over the years, you could be faced with additional expenses to repair it.

An equally as effective option is to go for coloured cladding instead. This can work out a lot cheaper than tiling your bathroom and can still produce a high-quality finish. Available in a range of different colours and styles, these panels are easily mounted to the wall, helping to minimise the mess created during your redecoration. Working in the same way as tiles, the panels are completely waterproof and practical, while being durable too

To complete your newly cladded bathroom, you should invest in some matching items to finish off the look. Toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and decorative ornaments will all help to tie the room together perfectly. Complementary coloured towels will provide a nice finishing touch too.

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The Press Lounge – Manhattan at INK48, A Kimpton Hotel

Rooftop bars seem to be sprouting up in top cities across the globe with chic settings, stellar views, gourmet cocktails and small plates. The Press Lounge is no exception, with its sleek modern design and breezy setting atop the 16th floor of the Ink48, a Kimpton Hotel set in Manhattan’s vibrant Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

Conceptualized by Adam Block, The Press Lounge is a luxe rooftop bar and lounge, partially enclosed by full-volume glass walls including one huge retractable steel-framed glass garage door. Tall glass railings embrace the terraces, allowing views of the city lights and nearby Hudson River to come into play from virtually every angle of this hip retreat in the sky.

Gorgeous slate flooring occupies most of the lounge’s terrace, while a wood-planked deck offers a more casual setting for another patio which features a sunken, private dining area with marble table.  One indoor-outdoor space features transparent weather drapery which can be opened or closed accordingly. This vast area receives arrangements of contemporary dark resin wicker sofas with orange cushions and glass-topped square cocktail tables lining its perimeter.

The star feature of this outdoor zone is the slim, elongated reflecting pool which features a tiled mosaic and recessed panels growing live green grass. This amazing water feature rests alongside seating ensembles of modern wicker furnishings including tulip-style chairs, freeform settees and poof ottoman tables with votives. The water is illuminated with changing LED lighting, so as the sun sets the energetic vibe builds. Small smooth concrete stools line the other side of the pool, creating casual seating options for patrons as they sip under the stars.

A striking visual, the orb-shaped steel fire-box emits heat during the more chilly seasons, while built-in heating lamps within the interior glass enclosures provide warmth discreetly. Planted greenery is arranged across the terraces further enhancing this already lush city setting.

The Press Lounge elegantly portrays modern hospitality design with sophisticated, yet fundamental elements of water, fire, earth and air–spectacular!

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Top 5 Living Room Colour Trends 2014

Whether warm or cool, 2014 is going to be a very colourful year. Incorporate colour into your living room with accessories, furniture, or paint to liven up your living space.

BLUE will continue to dominate with all different shades of blue becoming popular for living rooms this upcoming season. Whether light blue, teal, or turquoise, incorporating one of these hues into your living room will add a cool touch.

With the growing interest in sustainability and nature, it  is no wonder that GREEN is on the rise. Green tones will give your living room a calming and relaxed vibe.

When it comes to ORANGE, both bright and muted hues will be popular in 2014. All of these fiery hues will add an immense amount of energy to your living room. Choose a bright hue to liven up your space, or a muted one to give your living room a warm feel.

Don’t shy away from PINK because of its feminine reputation. This trendy colour will be found in homes of all genders this season. Look to a bright fuchsia to add modern pops of colour to your room, or stick to a cooler hue for a more classic look. Even just one pink accent will add a quirky edge to any living space.

YELLOW will continue to add bright accents to living rooms this season, as it has in the past. In 2014 you can expect green-yellow to be replaced with sunny undertones of yellow that will certainly cheer up any room.

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10 Inspirational Interior Design Quotes

An inspirational quote is just one tool that helps us, that’s why we’ve gathered some to help inspire you.

What’s your favorite inspirational design quote?

1. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

2. “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” – Andre Putman

3. “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

4. “A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.” – John Saladino

5. “When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.” – Rose Tarlow

6. “Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking.” – Milton Glaser

7. “What is done in love is done well.” – Vincent Van Gogh

8. “I hate good taste. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.” – Helmut Newton

9. “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill

10. “The details are not the details, they make the design.” – Charles Eames

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How To Find Your Best Bedroom Wardrobe


When it comes down to a well-organized, clutter-free and relaxing bedroom space, storage is key. Some you want absolutely hidden such as in bins within closets or underneath beds. Yet, there is another strategy which can both fulfill your need to create extra room, while adding an attractive design element–a bedroom wardrobe.

Maximize with Measurements

The initial step is to take detailed measurements of the area where this piece of furniture is going. Armoires come in a plethora of sizes, widths, lengths, and heights so first figure out where in the bedroom it will reside. Don’t forget, these doors typically open outwards, so be sure to leave room for that, too.

Wardrobe for Your Wardrobe

Next you need to decide what it exactly is that you’ll be storing. If it’s dresses and shirts, you’ll need to find a style which offers a hanging bar within it. Drawers are an especially wonderful detail, as they can provide storage for smaller items such as rolled belts, jewelry boxes, scarves and other smaller accessories. Units with a full-length mounted mirror on the inside door are another good idea.

Kids Collectibles

As any parent would attest to, the more storage in a child’s room, the happier the family. Kids’ bedroom armoires can be wonderful for storing everything from clothing and socks, to plush toys and books. Two-door white wardrobes are ideal as they take up less space and coordinate effortlessly with either gender’s color scheme, while styles with a lower bottom drawer are ideal for children to gain access to their play things independently.

Get Styled

Once you figure out the size, placement and function of your wardrobe, now is the fun part–what look are you going for? Armoires are available in a variety of styles like modern and traditional, even vintage-inspired, in natural and painted woods, lacquer and such. This piece of furniture can blend with your present furnishings, while many manufacturers offer the wardrobe as part of their coordinating collections. Or, to take it one step further, let the wardrobe stand out on its own in a punchy hue, adding colorful interest to your bedroom space.

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Affordable Bedroom Design

When you start to think that you fancy a change, it is often a feeling that you can’t get rid of. This can be true for anything from your job to your hair, and your bedroom is no different. However, only the rich of us can afford a complete TV-style makeover and often can only change bits in dribs and drabs. However, you don’t always need to change your entire room to satisfy that need for something different.

Create Drama With Lighting

One of the best ways to update your bedroom is to change the lighting. A new lampshade or completely new fitting can change the style of your bedroom instantly. You should also think about the lighting scheme in the bedroom as a whole, and not just the central light fitting. Consider whether your current lighting scheme does the job of having a mixture of task lighting and ambient, and whether your bedroom needs more or less light in general. Soft lighting such as fairy lights or string lights and soft lamplight are perfect for setting a relaxed mood. Candles are also a lovely way to create soft light. If you need task lighting such as for putting on makeup or reading, then spotlights work equally well and aren’t an eyesore.

Give Your Bed a Luxury Touch

The bed is the focal of your bedroom, so making sure that it looks its best is essential, and changing its style could make the whole room feel different. For a luxurious and decadent feel, layer up on your bed linen. A couple of throws of different textures, a variety of different cushions and even a headboard can instantly transform your bed. Keep the colours to three maximum, but don’t be afraid to mix up the patterns and textures as they add to the richness and depth of the colours.

Update Your Furniture

Depending on your budget, updating your furniture could mean giving your existing furniture a bit of a makeover, or purchasing completely new pieces. If you’re going to paint your furniture, make sure that you follow the correct procedure, and that you’re working in a well ventilated area. Purchasing furniture cheaply can be done easily, especially if you’re willing to do a bit of work so it fits with your style

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Rouse a tired Bedroom by Replacing your Bed


If you are having trouble sleeping, your mattress has seen better days or the bedroom is looking a bit outdated, replacing your bed could be the answer to your décor dilemma.

New beds can dramatically improve comfort, sleep patterns and the aesthetics of a room. Experts at the British Sleep Council say beds should be replaced every ten years. So what are you waiting for?

Which type of bed?

With so much choice available, it is wise to have a good idea of what you’re looking for before you go bed shopping. If you have the space, why not treat yourself to the utmost comfort with a double or king size bed and really transform this crucial furnishing into a centre piece?

If space is at a premium, it may be worth looking into divan beds, which often come with storage in the form of drawers. Depending on the layout of the room, you can choose between end drawers, side drawers, four drawers, drawers with slide storage and more.

Divan beds are a great example of multipurpose furniture for compact rooms and by making these the main feature and being creative with storage, you can really make the most of the space you’ve got.

Which mattress is best for me?

A good and restful night’s sleep is easy to achieve with high quality mattresses that are comfortable and supportive. It is important to choose the mattress best suited to your needs and you can do this by following these guidelines.

When trying out mattresses, lie on your back and slide the flat of your hand into the hollow of your back. If you have trouble sliding your hand in, it might be too soft and if there’s a gap it is too firm. It is important to test the bed with your partner if you share a bed.

Another thing to take into account is sleeping position: if you generally sleep on your front or back, go for a firm mattress while those who sleep on their sides should opt for something softer.

The construction (pocket spring, memory foam etc) and mattress toppers also affect comfort levels so give this careful thought too.


While the bed itself makes a bold design statement, dressing it up with headboards and bedding can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. From luxurious faux leather to intricate metal designs, use headboards to transform your bed into an attention grabbing feature that takes pride of place.

Look out for cool additional features such as reading lights and built-in side tables.

Bedding is a great way to liven up a room and you can match this with the curtains to create a consistent design scheme. You can also use throw cushions to the same effect and enhance comfort at the same time.

With everything you could ever want in a bed available at the click of a finger, putting together your perfect bed is easy when you know what you’re looking for and an exciting design opportunity if you don’t!

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Five Closets to Die For

Everyone’s dreams are different. Some wish for an exotic island escape, while others desire to sit behind the wheel of a six-figure Italian automobile. Then there are closets–dream closets to be exact–where visions of wardrobes, shoes and accessories become breathtaking exhibits thanks to innovative closet organizers and savvy systems. We’ve gathered five different closet ideas for you to lay eyes on, everything from a classically-organized space to an elaborate in-closet entertainment center. Feel free to swoon–we did!

1. Vanity Affairs

As any woman can attest to, there’s something about getting ready for the day–or evening–in the privacy of your own space. One of our favorite and timeless closets is one featuring a large mirrored vanity with plentiful soft lighting. Draped in soothing shades of lavender and cream with an ornate gold-framed mirror and equally elegant table, this space is fit for the princess within.

2. Living Room Luxe

Depending upon the size of your closet, this dressing area can truly become whatever strikes your fancy. Some decide to actually transform a dedicated space in the residence, such as this living room closet replete with fireplace and plentiful windows. The floating settee creates an unconstricted space for which to try on clothing and shoes, and move about freely when doing so.

3. Footwear Fetish

Shoes, glorious, shoes! With a personal penchant for anything footwear, this “shoe closet” would be my go-to dream space. While professional, all-encompassing closet organizers take into account shelving, racks and cubbies for clothes, handbags and beyond, we think a dedicated shoe space is just divine. This closet is bright and open, allowing the shoes to be selected at a glance from the vast built-in shelving. The gilded pink chair, coordinating chandelier and white marble dressing table add that fabulous feminine flair that simply put, makes us happy.

4. Boutique Boudoir

This boudoir closet is downright decadent. More like an upscale boutique than a bedroom closet, this space truly features everything you can wish for–abundant lighted racks allowing for color coordination, open shelving for accessibility, hooks and nooks for displaying favorites, not to mention the stunning floors, detailed mouldings and gorgeous seating underneath a swank crystal chandelier. With all the fashion accoutrements worthy of a luxurious showroom, this is the eye-candy of wardrobe closet organizers.

5. Elegant Entertainment

Getting dressed is a ritualistic experience for those coveting organized closet spaces. However, taking this to the next level is the walk-in closet/entertainment center. Look at this closet with its glorious cabinetry, granite island, natural light and, oh yes, the flatscreen television perched over the full-length mirror. While having access to the news and your favorite shows while you dress is lovely, professional closet organizers don’t solely focus on bedroom/dressing areas

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Essential Checklist for Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

What interior design makes a great bathroom is always going to be subjective, but there particular styles will always have basic facets of design that make the stand out and discernible.

Modern interior design is no different and, no matter what your tastes are in terms of patterns, colour and fittings, there are some basic rules to follow for creating a contemporary bathroom – follow this checklist below and use your own interior design instinct for a perfectly modern bathroom.

1. Muted Colours; Punctuated With Patterns

Muted colours are the name of the game with contemporary bathrooms – no walls filled with bright colours or ostentatious patterns; it’s all about the subtlety. Whites, creams, browns and oranges all work really well as the key colours in a modern bathroom, but the trick is to not make the room look too bland.

Make sure you break up the softer colours with something bolder and more noticeable; whether that’s going for a two tone effect with spots of black with your white or using a patterned or mosaic border along the centre of the wall to just draw your eye slightly.

2. Minimalistic Fixtures & Fittings 

Clean, straight, geometric lines are the cornerstone of modern interior design – whether that’s in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home. You should reflect this with the fixtures and fittings, from geometrically pleasing sinks and square mirrors to sleekly designed floating shelves, units and cabinets.

The fittings should look like the room was built with them in mind, rather than the other way round. Sleek chrome taps, shower units, towel rails and radiators can help you get an incredibly modern look. Perhaps consider underfloor heating, too, removing the need for any radiators and helping to enhance the room’s minimalistic approach.

3. Recessed Spot Lighting

Rather than having large bulbs or light fittings, opt for sleek recessed spot lighting for a simple, stylish and efficient way to light your bathroom. As these spot lights will sit flush with the ceiling, they won’t protrude from the ceiling and you won’t perceive them to be making the room smaller – and they have the added benefit of looking stylish as well.

You could consider adding a dimmer switch to give you complete control, or add a sensor that turns the lights on when you enter the room – no more fumbling for the chord in the dark, and no more leaving the lights on and wasting power!

4. Statement Furniture

With all the minimalistic design that’s going on in your bathroom, you’re going to need an item or two of stand-out statement furniture so that the room doesn’t look, to be frank, boring! Just as muted colours need to be punctuated with a bold colour or pattern, minimalistic fittings will need to be punctuated with something that stands out.

For example, a large footed bath can not only punctuate the otherwise muted minimalism of the rest of the room, but can also serve to make the space feel larger (due to the lack of panelling you’d get with a built-in bath) and enhance the clean and straight edges of the rest of the fitting with its aesthetic accent.

5. Plenty Of Subtle Storage 

Since minimalism and clean open spaces are a staple aspect of modern interior design, then it goes without saying that you need to keep all your toiletries and clutter off the tops and the foot of the bath, and neatly shut away. This goes a long way to helping you achieve the clean and ‘perfect’ modern look, but can also help to make those small bathrooms lacking in space seem that bit larger.

Consider utilising under-sink cabinets to keep cleaning products and ‘extra’ toiletries, while your everyday items are kept in a wall-mounted cabinet or chic set of wicker/basket drawers. Not only will you be keeping the room tidy, but you’ll only enhance the bathroom’s contemporary feel!ng.

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How to Enhance a Space with Fabric

Decorating is an undeniably costly and time consuming process – even a ‘quick coat of paint’ involves preparing walls, covering carpets and moving furniture, not to mention cleaning equipment afterwards.  Updating a space with fabric can be fast and easy, and with a few tips and tricks you can give a room a whole new look in an afternoon.

Contemporary and Clean

If you are looking to update a study or turn a spare bedroom into a home office space, geometric shapes and muted colours give a contemporary feel that is clean and unfussy. Opt for blinds rather than drapes and keep soft furnishings to a few key items. Cool blues and greys are calming and professional. If you want to add colour, keep to one accent colour – yellow or orange with shades of grey for example – and team fabric with sleek block coloured furniture.

Fresh and Floral

Summery florals in cool colours can freshen up any space. Feminine motifs can be mixed and matched to create a modern ‘country cottage’ feel. Try layering patterned voile with satin curtains. The light reflecting properties of satin mean that in lighter colours, this fabric works well to brighten a room while being heavy and luxurious enough to still feel decedent.  

Teaming florals with stripes keeps a room from being overwhelmingly feminine. Covering a foam pad with striped fabric creates a quick and easy base for seating such as ottomans, window seats and even simple wooden dining chairs, which can be softened easily with floral cushions.

To ensure that your florals are modern and on trend, make sure to avoid frills and lace, and keep motifs small and widely spaced.

Tropical and Bright

If you want to experiment with bright colours but are not quite brave enough to splash it on the walls, tropical prints and bright patterns give a room vibrancy and fun without the scary commitment of covering a wall in hot pink paint. To keep tropical modern and avoid your bright colours blending into a Middle Eastern palate, make sure to choose prints on a light background (ideally white) and complement warm colours such as ochre, dark purple and hot pinks with cool aquas and teals.

Patterns should be mixed and matched, ensuring that no one pattern overwhelms a space. Choose three key patterns and add in cushions or throws that are single block colours to tie them together.

The great thing about revitalising a room with fabric is that when you fancy a change, drapes and cushion covers can be packed away and switched out in a couple of hours, giving you a whole new room with none of the fuss!

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Frumpy to Fabulous: 5 Ways to Decorate (Stylishly) on a Budget

Your living space is where you spend much of your free time and it should be comfortable and most importantly, make you happy. If you haven’t redecorated in years and your look is no longer one you admire, follow these five wallet-friendly ways to stylishly revive your space.

1. Paint

Painting is likely the most economical way to change the overall vibe of your dwelling. Something as simple as one accent wall which pops with a little bit of unexpected color could bring a smile to your face. When choosing this shade, go bold–perhaps something a little extraordinary to give yourself, friends and family a pleasant surprise.

2. Lighting

Dimmers for all living areas–dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, even kitchens. This is an inexpensive way to replace harsh bulbs while adding a degree of mood lighting to any room.

Another budget-conscious tactic is to switch out your old, tired lighting fixture with something more simple and clean-lined like a dome shade –an instantly chic and noticeable update!

3. Glass and Mirrors

What better way to capture natural rays than by accenting your room with glass and mirrors. This is also a surefire strategy to experience the feel of added space in your home. For instance, by investing in a glass coffee table, your lounging area is immediately opened up and totally transformed.

Mirrors allow light to bounce and are another easy way to create an airy feel to any space. Large framed floor mirrors add a new dimension, while unique touches like modern sunburst wall mirrors add decoration to an otherwise drab wall.

4. Combo Furnishings

If space is limited as well as your budget, a favorite design strategy of mine is to double-up on function without sacrificing style. That is, buy furnishings such as brightly-hued storage ottomans or set up your home office work desk within a closet space which you can close off when using the room in another capacity.

5. Accessorize

If your space is feeling a bit dull, then perhaps all you need are some new decorative accessories. Select simple, inexpensive touches like luxe throw pillows , modern art work , vases and picture frames all within a similar tonal theme to create a cohesive design flow to your delightful new living space.

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An Easy Guide to Modern Bedroom Decor

Redesigning the bedroom to give it a modern feel does not have to be a costly project. It is important to create a space which is inviting, comfortable and in which you want to relax in. Simple, modern style is easily achieved.


Bed Options.

Beds are versatile, possessing numerous options for stylish decoration. By piling on pillows and cushions and mixing up different, daring colourful designs, a bedroom can be transformed. From there; wall paper, bed linen, curtains and furniture jazz up the room further.

Shelving above the bed creates a homely feel and takes away from lines that may dominate the room. A bed with storage underneath also means the bedroom is de-cluttered. This is essential in the creation of a relaxing, minimalist space. An arty head board could be the main feature of the bed or a simple light-toned bedroom creating drama and space.

Décor Options.

Graphics are easy, modern wall-space fillers; they also go really well with utility furniture. Chunks of bold colour create contrast and impact. Textures also do a great deal in modernizing a bedroom. Velvet or silk bedspreads and textured wall paper all add a feeling of opulence to a bedroom converting it into a luxurious haven.

Small adjustments add a greater sensation of air and space. Paint the ceiling and walls in light tones. These tones go with any style of decoration and make the room appear to have more light. Spotlights on the walls facing upwards add to the height of the room.

Accessories Options.

Whether you have floor boards or carpet; rugs add warmth and a homely feel but can also be a stylish accessory. Curtains reflect the tone of the room adding warmth, colour and style. The windows are an essential feature. Try to emphasise the amount of light that comes into the room and match the curtains with chosen colour schemes. Stylish lamps with modern shapes and patterns or custom furniture create a collected yet lived-in feel.

Creating a warm and inviting bedroom with modern touches is simple, stress-free and fun. Keep colours and themes consistent.

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Wardrobes-1-2-3 Tips for Turning Around Your Closet Space

large dream wardrobe

We all seek it: extra space. Whether in additional storage, a bigger home or just plain getting organized, closets tend to be an area of focus when it comes to this. Wardrobes have become ever-popular lately, with designs ranging from basic armoires to customized built-in systems. We’ve compiled three starter tips to help you decide which wardrobes fits you–and your clothing, shoes and home accessories–best:


1. Room
First decide what room of the house you wish to suit with a wardrobe. Whether for a bedroom or living area, then the decision comes down to a stand-alone cabinet or a built-in for your existing closet. Wardrobe closets come in a variety of styles at a wide range of price points, depending on whether you are assembling it (value pricing) to custom luxury furnishings (more expensive.) Children’s rooms are also an ideal place for a wardrobe, not just for clothing but for toys and books, too. Sometimes, a home office or even hallway are areas where a storage wardrobe is necessary and many designers offer keen options for these smaller spaces as well.

2. Budget
Budget is a significant factor and once set will help you move forward in the right direction of your fabulous new storage space. Dependent upon the type of wardrobe, whether a stand-alone closet or custom modular unit, other considerations need also be accounted for. Such as assembly, delivery costs, in-home set up, design consultations and, of course, the pricing for the closet itself. If you’re on a strict budget, then purchasing and self-assembling is the way to go. Or, if you’re ready to invest, hiring a professional which will provide you with service from start to finish may be the choice (we offer professional wardrobe design services). Somewhere in between, there are various design professionals  which offer a consultation to help you decide which type of wardrobe best fits your lifestyle.

3. Style
Once you’ve chosen which room or area of your home the wardrobe will reside, the next step is to select a style. By this we not only refer to the design aesthetic such as color, material, shape, but just as importantly the functional style. For instance, do you wish to have a sleek cabinet if it’s freestanding, which would consume less space? Or, if a walk-in wardrobe, what doors do you desire–sliding, hinged, folding? Today’s customized closets run the gorgeous gamut from modern classic (sliding doors opened to access clothing hanging from a rod, as well as shelving) to downright decadent designs (specialty lighting, exotic woods, unique textiles, drawers with fanciful pulls and so on.)

Wardrobes can cleverly transform for your spaces (not to mention create sensational storage options!), no matter the style, design or budget.

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A chat with…David Falaye

LMD caught up with its ambitious founder and director

Compiled by Mellisa

What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go

We had to relocate when i lost my dad in 1996. We were fortunate to relocate to a developing part of Lagos, there were so many buildings coming up. After school, i used to go to the sites to check things out. It was fascinating, how the work progressed from start to finish . I always wanted to be a part of the process. I decided to go into design last year, while working on my apartment. I got tired of my interior and changed it a bit. A friend came over and liked the new look of my apartment and asked me to help with his.

Can you remember your first project?

I was 17 years old, it was our family apartment. We had a lot of old furnitures and old walls, it was an eyesore. I went to a paint shop on the first day, got some paints and gave the walls a new look. On the second day i gave out all the living room and dining furniture as well as the rug. My mum was really angry when she got back from work but i was able to get into her head and she began to like the idea. We got catalogues from furniture rooms, changed the look of the house, new, furnitures, window treatment, lights and tv unit. Felt proud of myself, got a wallet as a gift, an empty one. lol

Chronologically describe what you go through (feeling and thoughts) on your way to work?

From the moment i wake up i start planning my day. Morning meeting with a client to afternoon meeting with a contractor. Always thinking about the next step, project, meeting or phone call. There’s never a dull moment.

What is your favourite book/mag on design? and site?

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathroom, interior design.net and lamaisondouillet.wordpress.com. lol

What inspires you?

The need to create beautiful designs that will enrich people’s lives, both functionally and visually. I’m also inspired by the works of Charles Yorke, Mark Wikinson, Pavlo Schlakleff and many other designers.

From your point of view is design an art or science?

I think it’s a combination of both. Coming up with a design concept is the art aspect of it. Determining the numbers, floor plans and calculations is the science aspect.

Common decorating mistakes made by homeowners? Advice  on how to avoid or correct those mistakes?

Too much matching and clutter. The solution is to simplify. Be without rather than make a wrong quick choice. Less is more.

What would be your recommendation for what to do first in a design or decorating project?

Clear out anything that is not used or get rid of it.

What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and perhaps on a low budget?

Less is more. Keep whatever you have simple.

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How to Create the Illusion of Space in Smaller Homes


As much as we would all love a huge apartment or a sprawling family home, we aren’t all blessed with large properties and so need tips to create the illusion of space in our homes. Small spaces mean less light and, of course make it more difficult to decorate and design our interiors. Homes need to be functional and practical, as well as looking great and combining all of these factors into smaller spaces can be very challenging.

So how do we do it? How do we go about creating an illusion of space in smaller homes?

There are various tips and tricks that interior designers use including some of the following:
Light Reflecting:
Using mirrors on walls opposite windows can bounce the natural light around the room and add an extra dimension to the feel of the room. Use more than one to really make the room feel airy and light, as well as stylish.

Clever Furniture:
Think carefully about the type of furniture you buy to fill a smaller space and keep it uncluttered and streamlined. Ensure sofas and chairs are lighter in colour and don’t obstruct your line of sight to the outdoors. Furniture with legs rather than a solid base give a greater illusion of space, and glass topped or Perspex coffee tables are a must.

Entrances and Exits:
Be careful not to block your doorways with heavy doors that restrict the view to the next room, even if that’s the hallway. Let the extra light flood into the room by using glass-filled modern doors. Do your research and find the right kind that fits your style as well as fitting the brief. If budget and structure allow think about opening up a doorway into a larger gateway to the next room and allowing it to flow into the next space.

Being creative with storage is one of the best ways to keep your small space uncluttered and efficient. Where you can, ensure every space is utilised to its best advantage and if it can be multifunctional, all the better. Coffee tables with removable lids to store books, sofas that double up as sofa beds, storage boxes that hide a multitude of our treasures, all of these products create extra space that we so desperately need.

Decorating Tricks:
There are lots of products out there that can help make a space feel larger than it really is. Light reflecting paint for example, is a must in a tiny room. But don’t think this means you have to shy away from bold pattern if that’s your style. Pattern can work really well in a small space, whether it’s on the walls with wallpaper or wall decals, or by way of soft furnishings. Make sure it’s a pattern you love and it won’t feel overwhelming.

Don’t let a small room stop you making a style statement, just follow some of these tips to create your illusion of space.

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Making the Cosy Office Space


When you are designing any office space, there are a number of things you must keep in mind. Not only must the space be attractive and professional, but it also must be functional. In addition, there are usually some spatial challenges that must be overcome. So how do you manage all of these issues when trying to design the perfect office space?  Here are five office interior design tips you should keep in mind:

Start by considering the type of use. Every office is different, so it’s important to think first about the type of use it will have. The people who will work in the space should be your top priority when coming up for a design for it. Think about whether this office space will just be for your workers or if you will be having frequent visitors. Also plan the layouts of the space with the type of work in mind. Some types of work require large open spaces, while others require room for computers or other office equipment.

Go with neutral colours, especially on the walls. Neutral colours tend to make most spaces look larger. They also go with anything, so you can feel free to update and change your office around without having to worry about the walls.

Plan with the future in mind. Make sure that you plan with the possibility of change in mind. Purchase furniture and equipment that can be easily moved rather than having furniture that’s built into the space. This will ensure that you can make changes to the space whenever you want. It also adds versatility so that if you should outgrow the office space and begin looking for another, you won’t have a difficult time selling the space if you own it.

Opt for a “fifth wall” that stands out.The flooring has come to be known as “the fifth wall,” and it’s alright to make a statement here. There are numerous types of flooring available, including a number of sustainable or eco-friendly options. Flooring is one area where it’s OK to be a little non-traditional, as long as the space still looks professional and is functional for the users needs.

Look for ways to hide the clutter. Every office is going to have clutter, but a great design ensures that there is a way to hide that clutter. Shelving and cabinets are an important part of any office environment. Baskets may be another option for hiding clutter.

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BEAUTIFUL on the Inside

la maison douillet

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder, but this beauty is in the eye of every seer

Beauty with the feel of delight and warmth, beauty with comfort  & satisfaction

Beauty that glows and tortures your eyes with its radiant exhibition and attraction.

Beauty that potrays elegance and charisma, beauty that tells of your status.

An art that spells out who you are, such a wonder it is, BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE.

La Maison Douillet it is…

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Love Your Small Unit

Not everyone has a large one. Pint-sized can still be fun and functional. Follow these tips to make your unit appear larger than it really is.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Proper placement is key. Mount the mirror in the room where it will trick the eye to think it extends further than it does. (By the way, on the ceiling above your bed does not count.) This adds perspective and makes the room appear deeper. The great thing about mirrors is that their purpose is twofold. They not only aggrandize a room, but they also do wonders for the Narcissus in each of us.

 The less patterns the better
Fashion stylists advise their Napoleonic clients to dress in one hue because it elongates their body. The same applies to selecting a color scheme for your cozy place. Stick with a monochromatic palette. Maintaining colors within the same spectrum unifies a space. The more crazy patterns and colors you have, the more it visually cuts up the room—the eye does not know where to focus and the room ends up looking compartmentalized.

Dual-Purpose Furniture
Seek out furniture that is kills 2 birds with 1 stone. A modern couch by day becomes a comfy bed by night. What appears to be a coffee table doubles as extra drawer space underneath. Is it an ottoman or a storage compartment? It’s both!

dual furniture

Fiat Lux
Flood the room with light. Leaving the windows uncovered as much as possible lends a lofty, airy feel to a space. If you are not lucky enough to have a sun-drenched apartment with dramatic windows, then strategically placed light sources ought to do the trick. Consider recessed lights, uplights and downlights. Some misguided people think dark is romantic or moody. This ain’t Twilight—this is your shoebox apartment. Dark = Claustrophic. Let there be light!

let there be light

Keep it simple, sister! Fight the tendency to over-decorate. Some people think plastering every square inch will cover up the fact it is tiny, when in fact all it does is underscore what space you lack.  De-cluttering all your silly bric-a-brac will help create a larger aesthetic. You want the eye to see large, clean, flat surfaces so your place looks more open. A sparsely decorated wall is not a bad thing.

Pick One Showstopper
Because your space is limited, try to have one key piece be a strong focal point to break up the monotony—and be discriminate about what key piece to showcase. It just takes one pièce de resistance in the room to make it go from being one step above a walk-in closet to a fantabulous designer studio. Find a strikingly unique piece that makes a statement, like a fabulous blow-up photo of your favorite city or a vintage mid-century baby chandelier. A well-selected showstopper isn’t just a furniture piece—it is also great conversation piece!

There you have my tips for your bite-sized abode. Bigger ain’t always better, and it’s not how large your unit is, it’s how you use it!

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The Importance of the Bed Side Table


With the bed taking the main focus in the bedroom, the importance of the supporting furniture can be sadly forgotten.

Many times, the least thought is spent on the humble bedside table. That little gem that stands loyally by your bed side, to keep all those things that are needed at a moment’s notice. The bedside table can be home to a box of tissues, a beautiful paper lamp, a place to put a glass of water for the night, and a draw full of hand creams and face creams for the nightly ritual of keeping the wrinkles away.

What’s more annoying than being in bed, all comfy and warm and waking up in need of a tissue or sip of cold water and having to peel back the covers to get it? The convenience of the bedside table is the key to its importance and you certainly shouldn’t be without it.

The bedside table completes the look of the boudoir. Especially if you have one on either side. This balances out the look and is handy for all the bits and pieces that you might need before bed and in the morning when you can’t quite face leaving your cosy cocoon.

Even if you haven’t placed much thought on your bedside table, take a moment to salute its continuing hard work in storing everything in easy reach. LONG LIVE THE BED SIDE TABLE!


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Is Your Flooring Old and Boring?

It may not be the immediate thing that strikes us when walking into a room: The flooring. We’re often preoccupied with what’s at eye level such as the décor, the fridge contents or view out the window. Like not noticing someone’s footwear, what we stand on might be equally unremarkable.

But have a peek at ground level. How would your score your floor? The passage of time, continual treading, vacuum cleaning and what we bring in from outside can take their toll on flooring which can include: tiling, vinyl, rugs, woodwork and carpets.


Restoring old flooring
Rugs and mats can do a good job of hiding stains and bald patches on flooring, and can be picked up relatively cheaply. They can also be a cost-effective option compared with buying brand new flooring. Areas in the home which undergo high ‘human traffic’ such as halls, lobbies and landings are more susceptible to wear and tear.

Waste not, want not
Second-hand is not always second-rate. There may be occasions where large homes want rid of carpets and other flooring. That’s why smaller homes with smaller rooms could benefit from cut-out sizes. Rather than being dumped, carpets can be given a new lease of life and be re-laid. Think of a new resident moving into a new home with carpets they do not like. The result? A brand new carpet could be up for sale.

Wood or vinyl?
Each has its own merits. Wood inevitably gives a more traditional-look finish – but may need sanding and treating with varnish or another protector every few years. The advantage of vinyl is that it can often be wiped and mopped clean more easily than an uneven wood floor, and there is the benefit of not having to protect it all the time.

Types of carpet
Remember the last time you walked on warm, soft sand? A nice, thick carpet can evoke that same feeling of comfort underfoot, regardless of whether you’re bare-footed, wearing sandals or shoes. The great aspect of having a carpet installed is they can help insulate your home and keep the warmth in.

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Using Mirrors to Make Rooms Appear Bigger

Small rooms can be dark, uncomfortable and very confining. But you can make them look large, light and spacious by placing mirrors in some special positions. This way, they reflect natural and artificial light and provide an illusion of depth.


Make the most of natural light coming into the room by placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window. This reflects sunlight around the room. But if the window is large compared with the size of the room, a mirror on the opposite wall may create a lot of glare. In this case, it’s better to hang the mirror on the wall at right angles to the window. The effect will be the same if you use one large mirror or a number of small mirrors placed close together. Full-length mirrors on a wall opposite an entrance such as the front door gives the immediate impression of a larger hallway.

If you have a very small dining room, bedroom or bathroom, try to cover an entire wall with mirrors or mirror tiles. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors in a bedroom covering a wardrobe or other cupboard doors will give a similar effect if covering the entire wall is too expensive. A cheaper option in a dining room is to cover the top half of a wall with a mirror or mirror tiles and place the dining table next to it. This trick is used frequently in small cafés and restaurants.

Ceiling mirrors are not to everyone’s taste and some people could find them intimidating. They are not a good idea in kitchens and bathrooms as heat and steam may loosen even the best adhesive over time. Try a mirrored ceiling in a hallway or to open up a small alcove.

Bring some immediate sparkle into a room with mirrored surfaces on table tops, mantelpieces, dressers and sideboards. It’s best to hire a professional to fit small pieces of mirrored safety glass on these surfaces. But if family members or guests feel uncomfortable seeing their reflections in the main dining table top as they eat, just add the mirrored surfaces to end tables, side tables and coffee tables.

Mirrors on the inside surfaces of cabinets, dressers and bookcases give a subtle feeling of extra space, especially if illuminated from the side.

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Celebrity Homes – John Legend’s Hollywood Hills Home


John Legend’s 1960 Hollywood Hills house which he shares with his fiancée, model Christine Teigen is a sophisticated update of mid century modernism. The residence reflects the spirit of a young couple putting their own distinctive spin on gracious California living.

“Our style is chic and tailored but also earthy and casual,” Legend says. “Since this is our first home in Los Angeles, we wanted it to feel right not only for us but also for this city.”


To realize their West Coast vision of domestic bliss, Legend and Teigen turned to Don Stewart, of the L.A. firm Desiderata Design, whom they met through musician Kanye West, another Stewart client. (An early champion of Legend’s work, West is also the executive producer of the singer’s new album, Love in the Future, set to be released later this year in advance of an international tour).

The home had been renovated within the past decade but was out of sync with Legend’s and Teigen’s tastes. Stewart’s approach to transforming the home involved the deft layering of materials. Stewart reconfigured the space to maximize the loftlike living/dining/kitchen sweep that forms the heart of the house, no surface was left untouched. The purposely limited array of materials and finishes includes rift-cut teak for cabinetry, bronze panels for the fireplace surround, a sea-grass wall covering in the master suite, and basalt counters and floor tiles. “The furniture and art are a lot like John’s music—nothing too flashy or pretentious,” Stewart observes. “Both John and Chrissy had input on every design detail and object, so you actually get a sense of who they are.”

item4.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.john-legend-04-kitchen       item8.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.john-legend-11-master-bath

item11.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.john-legend-12-guest-bath       item3.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.john-legend-03-living-room

item6.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.john-legend-05-recording-studio       item0.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.john-legend-01-portrait

For Legend, the surroundings have helped fuel his creative process. Several of the songs on his forthcoming album were recorded at the living area’s grand piano, which is wired to the high-tech home studio. “This house has all the qualities I strive for in my own work,” the musician says. “It’s subtle and beautiful, but it packs a modern punch.”

Source: Architectural Digest

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Steps to Build a Well Organised Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is large or small, if it’s well organised then it will be a joy to cook in every day. So what are the key elements that make a kitchen highly functional and how do you get to that well organised point? Here are some easy steps to get you on the road to a fabulous, functional and chef friendly kitchen.


1. Perfect Positioning

One of the most important aspects to a well organised kitchen is the placement of key fixtures such as the fridge, stove and sink. Consider the dishwasher too, it should be placed below the sink or under an adjacent island or bench.

2. Custom Cabinetry

If you can have your kitchen cabinets custom made then do so. With a custom build you can create the perfect set-up for your specific needs and available space. One way to make efficient use of space is to build your cabinets to the ceiling.

3. Clever Storage Solutions

With your cabinetry ensure you build in clever storage solutions such as two-tiered carousels and slim line pull out towel rails

4. Handy Hooks

Don’t forget to allow room on walls and sides of cabinets for hooks. These can be super useful for keeping bench space clear as the hooks are always handy for placing pots, utensils and even towels on.

5. Appliances Galore

Nowadays there is an appliance for just about every job in the kitchen but rather than take up valuable bench space, why not work into your kitchen design a place to store all of your gadgets together.

6. Ease of Use

With so many beautiful kitchen faucets and door and drawer handles on offer it can be easy to get lost in all the sparkling designs and to forget about the fact that functionality should come first. If your kitchen taps are hard to operate and likewise, your cabinet doors and drawers difficult to pull open you could face years of frustration within your own workspace. Avoid taps and handles that don’t allow for one hand use.

7. Bench Space

Finally, consider the workspace in your kitchen carefully. Without sufficient space to actually work with your kitchen could prove very frustrating even though everything is organised.

There are many ways to create the perfectly organised kitchen but the best way is the one that suits your style of cooking, the size of your family and how often you entertain and cook up large meals. Think about all those key points before you revamp your kitchen and you’re sure to arrive at a wonderful space that you’ll happily create fabulous dishes in every day.

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Bedroom Design Ideas and Inspiration


A bedroom should be a personal sanctuary, a place where you can relax, unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. As the answer to a perfect bedroom is different for everyone, its design and decor ought to exude personal style, making it the ultimate haven to retreat to after a hard day.
Deciding on the overall look

To create a harmonious bedroom, think about incorporating a trend, theme or your personal style throughout the space. Whether bold and bright, ditsy floral or minimalist looks are to your taste, having one initial theme will allow you to create a cleverly thought-out space, in which all furnishings and accessories work together perfectly.

Of course, the most important part of the bedroom is the bed. As we spend around a third of our lives asleep, it is important to make sure that your bed is just right. For the frame and covers, there are a wealth of styles, designs, materials and fabrics to choose from, allowing you to select items that reflect your theme. Through investing luxury bedding such as goose down duvet and pillows, you can also make sure that your bed is indulgently comfortable as well as stylish.

Bare walls can often be a little uninspiring. There are numerous solutions to the ‘big blank wall’, including mirrors which add a sense of light and space to any room. Photos can also be a personal touch, while paintings and wall hangings help to pull decor together nicely.

Bedroom lighting can also have a large impact on the room’s atmosphere. Harsh cold light is often considered a no-no. Instead, soft lighting is a popular choice, allowing people to relax, unwind and most importantly, get ready for slumber. This can be achieved through lamps, wall lights and also dimmer switches, which allow you to create a bespoke level of light.

To finish off the look of any room, finding the perfect accessories is key. No matter what your bedroom style or theme is, you can search for quirky pieces at independent stores, thrift sales and vintage boutiques, allowing you to create a harmonious space that is also a one-of-a-kind and interesting place to be.

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Increasing the Overall Success of Your Restaurant

If you are starting a restaurant or already own a restaurant then it is important to consider the fact that the interior design of your restaurant plays a key role in the overall success of the restaurant itself. Face it, you can have great food and great service, but if the interior design of the space is not satisfactory then you will lose customers! Here are some interior design tips for restaurant owners that are sure to increase the overall success of the restaurant!


Atmosphere: The atmosphere says it all when it comes to restaurant interior design. If you are marketing fish and chips as your prime course, then an outdoor eatery may be just the right atmosphere for you, but if spaghetti and meatballs is on the menu then of course an interior design with an Italian flare would be more acceptable. When decorating your restaurant it is vitally important to keep in mind that the atmosphere should coordinate with the food on the menu.

Lighting: The type of lighting that you choose should also be considered based on the overall theme of the restaurant. Certain foods will not stand to be eaten in low lighting while other foods lend themselves perfectly to low lighting. There are many different lighting options available and the interior design of every restaurant should take into consideration the possible lighting features that are best for the overall design and theme.

Layout: Once the atmosphere has been decided upon and the menu is developed for the restaurant, the layout of the restaurant can be considered. Consider the overall theme of the restaurant when determining the layout of the restaurant and it’s interior design. Do not create an obstacle course for your servers to attempt to maneuver through during service. Keep the kitchen centrally located so that food remains hot when it makes its way to the dining table.

Kitchen Design:  You can hire the services of a kitchen designer to make sure you have an optimal kitchen design. Your kitchen should have lots cooking equipments, refrigerators, grills, sinks, and storage for plates and other kitchen utensils. In order to make the kitchen run smoothly, it must be well designed and space should be maximized and used efficiently.

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Celebrity Homes – Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happiness


In Southern California, we have the Malibu in the family home of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. They have a 25,000-square-foot adobe style home built on a 150-acre parcel of land that was initially comprised of several properties in the Santa Monica Mountains near Calabasas, California. It was important to the couple to have both a sense of intimacy in their residence and a home that related back to the land on which it was built. It took four years to obtain their building permit due to the sensitivity of the surrounding environmental landscape and the many building regulation in the area. They were granted the building permit and subsequently have created a home that reflects their passions and sense of connection to history and the world around them. Everything in the home was handmade by master craftsman and much attention was paid to exquisite details, such as the river stones in-laid into the wooden floors in the form of spirals and the infinity knot. Exposed ceiling beams were salvaged from old barns and homesteads and a hammered wrought iron railing leads to the second floor.


The couple meant for the home to be somewhat of a physical manifestation of their commitment to one another and their family. It is filled with organic shapes and there are no “dead ends” although the spaces are still filled with alcoves and nooks designed to create a sense of peace and tranquility. The home is filled with open breezy spaces complimented by fine details. The decor pays tribute to many cultures and the unorthodox geometries of the rooms allow them to graciously flow from one to another. The home is continuing to evolve with the family as they grow together and their needs as a family change, but the one thing they feel is that the home remains as constant reflection of craftsmanship as it relates to their union.

item5.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-06-living-room                    item4.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-05-living-room

item10.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-11-kitchen                    item14.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-15-recording-studio

item6.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-07-living-room                    item26.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-27-pool

item21.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-22-master-bedroom                    item20.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-21-guest-bedroom

item25.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-26-bedroom-terrace                    item1.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.will-jada-pinkett-smith-home-02-exterior

Source: Architectural Digest

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Celebrity Trends: Beddings

Celebrities are involved in designing everything today from perfumes to pens and one of the latest things that stars are giving their backing to is bedding. And why on earth not? A number of celebs have got involved in the bedding world and here are 3 of the top brands currently on the market:

Kylie Minogue


Kylie has launched an exclusive range of quality bedding which mixes traditional lace with contemporary prints; a must-have for any modern home. Her unique designs are intricate yet bold and are a sure-fire way to make a huge impression using your bedding alone!

The latest styles include Astoria, Livarna, Melina, Safia, Talise, Gianna and Erin bedlinen plus cushions, runners and throws in complimentary styles; all are machine washable too.

Eva Mendes


Combining modern prints infused with Spanish influence, actress Eva Mendes has made her mark on the bedding industry in spectacular style. Her traditional ideas and intricate details linens are a welcome break from the loud and dramatic varieties gracing our local home furnishing stores. Her Vida bedding collection follows the successful launch of attractive dinnerware for the modern household.


Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles have joined forces to launch an elegant range of bedding under the name ‘House of Dereon’. Their collection of simple yet stylish bedsheets, pillows, comforters, shams and duvet sets are loved by both sophisticated homeowners and the youngsters keeping up-to-date with Beyonce’s latest venture.

Would you expect anything less from the queen of pop herself than a chic combination of silks, colours, sequins, plush fabrics and delicate details? I didn’t think so! Browse the current ranges from Beyonce and Tina which include bedding sets inspired by European fashion, bohemian chic and bespoke dressmaking.



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Ways to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom


OK, so the time has come; your child has changed from a little bundle of sweetness and joy into a hell raising teenager, and something NEEDS to be done about it. Unfortunately, building a magical time machine that takes you back to when your kids hung off your every word and looked up to you with complete awe and admiration is out of the question; those days, my friend, are long gone! But what we can do is provide you with some advice on how you can reconnect with your kids by giving them the gift of a supercool bedroom. Now, we’re not suggesting you completely tear the room apart and start from scratch, oh no. We have means and ways of achieving the transition from a child’s bedroom to a ‘young adults’ without you hardly lifting a finger! Don’t believe us? Well read on…

This is a quick way of changing the look of a bedroom. It’s time to remove those Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine curtains that we all know and love, and to replace them with something which has a bit more style; like blinds! Opting for blinds can instantly make a room feel more chic, providing a sharper look which will get your teens happily grunting in approval. What’s more, we understand that all young people are unique and have their own tastes, and that’s why blinds are perfect as they come in so many variations that there’s bound to be at least one they’ll like. For more inspiration, why not check out some designs provided by readymade blind specialists, as these will give plenty to choose from!

This is another fundamental aspect to shaping your teen’s bedroom; do they really still need that rocking horse in the corner? Didn’t think so. What you need to do is inject a bit of personality into it. Take away all those childish elements and transform their room into something which really suits them. Perhaps consider looking into fitted bedrooms, or a revamp of old furniture, or even just sticking in a trendy beanbag could do the trick. Whatever you decide, make sure they support your decisions fully and aren’t embarrassed to bring their friends around. That would be so uncool.

They say that children are the future, and it’s true! So for this reason, it’s important to provide them with the most up-to-date technology. You don’t want you kids falling behind the times, and the only way you can successfully avoid this is by complying with social convention and to invest in one of those electrical boxes… what are they called again? Oh yeah, a computer. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one in the shop, but these days, it’s definitely a necessity. It’s essential for completing school work, for developing certain skills and for keeping in touch with friends, so it’s well worth buying one; your teen will love you for it. And if you want to, you can still hold an element of control over their use of it; just remind them, mummy and daddy know best!

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How Your Home Decor Reflects Your Personality

decor colours

When designing your home and you have full control over the design, of course, it means the décor represents your taste. However, did you know that it also can represent your personality? Making a conscious effort to design your space according to your personality can actually make you feel more comfortable and happier, which also means healthier. Here are some tips on how to incorporate your colors and your style into your room designs in a way that also reflects your personality.

Lifestyle and Your Design Personality

Do you need everything to be organized in your life? Then your home decorations should reflect that with lots of storage and simple designs and patterns that reduce clutter. Are you a free spirited bohemian? Then your home décor should include plenty of plants, flowers, and other elements that represent the free flowing, nature lover in you. Do you love the outdoors? Besides bringing the outside in with plants, flowers, and other natural elements, make sure to have a lovely patio space designed just for you. Include the colors and the elements that make you feel comfortable. When you design for your personality traits, everything clicks together in harmony.

Colors and Your Design Personality

Colors represent who you are and your personality too. There is actually a great deal of science and research behind the idea that a color analysis based on your skin, hair and eye color, can show you what color palette looks best on you. Further studies throughout the last 60+ years have also shown that your color palette can correspond with one of the four seasons, and does not only have to be applied to makeup and clothing, but also works for the colors and patterns of the decorations you use in your home. You likely have three main colors that you lean towards when buying clothes; then you also have those certain outfits that you always get compliments in when you are wearing them and they make you feel great. The same can be achieved with your home décor. Choose those colors that you love for the designs in your room. Use them in some way, whether it is on a large scale or for accents. Is your furniture the wrong color? Paint it! Painted coffee tables make a great center for your living room and when your favorite color is the focus of the room, you are achieving your personality design goals.

Here is a description of what your favorite colors might mean about your personality.

 If your favorite color is red, you are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment and to experience life through the five senses.

 If orange is your favorite color, you have a great need to be with people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected as part of a group. You also have a need for challenges in your life, whether it is physical or social challenges.

 Choosing yellow as your favorite means you have a deep need for logical order in your everyday life and to be able to express your individuality by using your logical mind to inspire and create new ideas.

 Indigo lovers have a need to feel in harmony and at one with the Universe and to be accepted by others as the aware and intuitive spiritual beings that they are.

 If purple or violet is your favorite color, you have a deep need for emotional security and to create order and perfection in all areas of your life, including your spiritual life. You also have a deep need to initiate and participate in humanitarian projects, helping others in need.

 If your personality color is pink you have a deep need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

 if turquoise is your favorite color your deepest need is to create emotional balance in your life, to be able to express your hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make your own way in the world under your own terms.

 If your favorite color is magenta, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view.

 Lovers of brown have a deep need for a safe, secure, simple and comfortable existence with supportive family and friends.

 With a personality color gold, you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company.

This can help you choose your design elements not only according to the color, but the personality meaning behind the colors.

Three Stylish Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms


A small bedroom doesn’t have to look cramped and cluttered. It only takes a little imagination and some innovative storage ideas to make a small bedroom look spacious and stylish.

The bedroom is place to relax, rest and sleep, and many of us with smaller bedrooms don’t make the most of the space left around the bed area. If you have a small or even tiny bedroom, there are easy solutions to give it a little personality and even make it a place you want to spend more time in.

Smart storage for clothes

If you have a small bedroom then storage space can often be a problem especially when it comes to wardrobes. Forget bulky units and go for the slim line options that can be designed around the space you have. You can go online at many furniture websites and enter measurements to get a wardrobe to fit the space you have. Make sure to consider corner wardrobes that are designed specifically to fit snugly into corner wall spaces, or choose a wardrobe with a mirror will create the illusion of space.

Shelving options

Shelving is another good solution for those with smaller bedrooms and little storage space. For a more stylish look consider the many vertical shelving units that extend from floor to ceiling. Also consider built-in shelving instead of a bed headboard, which is a practical and stylish solution for smaller bedrooms. Shelving units can also be placed against the wall either side of the bed head to make the most of empty space.

Consider a folding sofa bed

Sofa beds are one of the best ways to save space in the bedroom and today’s designs now come with storage space included. Sofa beds offer great versatility when it comes to creating adding space to a small room, especially for those who do use their bedroom as a work area. A lot of thought has been put into the design of the latest sofa beds and you can now buy stylish and comfy futons as well as designer sofa beds that wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket hotel.

The best approach to a small bedroom is to utilise every inch of space – whether it’s under the bed, over the bed, beneath the window or built into the walls themselves. Plan it well and you could end up with a bedroom that is less of a cramped after-thought and more of a cosy den!